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The ELITE grade pad is approximately 1/2" thick and gives heat protection to 575 degrees. The ELITE comes in 18 color choices for the top and 5 Velvet choices for the base. Pad Locks are optional.
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The Athena is our designer-grade table pad. It is approximately 9/16” thick. Choose from 30 colors including premium vinyls for the top and 9 colors in either Velvet or suede-like cloth base. Sturdy Pad Locks are included.

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Welcome to Dressler Table Pads, your online source for table pads. Here at our website, you will find everything you need to help protect your table from spills, moisture, dents, and heat with a great looking custom table pad or table cover.

Our table pads are customized to exactly fit your table, have a heavy-duty, washable leatherette wood grain or leather-tone surface, a soft fabric bottom and fold for easy handling and storage. They consist of a solid, compressed felt core that is completely unaffected by humidity.. We offer two thicknesses, 1/2" and 9/16". They will protect your table from hot cookware up to 575 degrees and 800 degrees depending on which pad you choose!

All pads are available with the Pivot locking system. They securely hold - table and leaf pads to each other to prevent pads from moving apart. Pivot Locks fasten table pad pieces together on both sides of the table. The metal pivot self-stores between the layers of table pad when not in use. Recommended especially when using the table for homework, office work, games and crafts - Pads may still move slightly when pushed, but are less likely to do so when securely connected together as a set. Pads must be made to receive these beautifully designed locks and they can not be added at a later date

We will provide standard or custom made pads for any type of table. You tell us the dimensions, we’ll provide you with the protection your table requires. We can even provide a table pad for your pool or billiards table!

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