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We can not guarantee the thickness of the leaf pad. For instance, if you order a 7/16" thick leaf pad, the leaf pad you receive may not be that exact thickness. It may be slightly thinner or thicker. This is due to the fact that the core material we order for the interior of our pads varies from one shipment to the next.

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Leaves over 20 inches wide x 
48 inches long are charged an extra $6.50 per inch oversize. 


Price Each



ELITE Grade Pad

7/16 inch thick leaf pad
(7/16" thick, 575 degrees
of heat protection)

$105.00   $

ATHENA Grade Pad

1/2 inch thick leaf pad
(1/2" thick, 800 degrees
of heat protection)

$120.00   $

Leaf Length (long dimension)

$6.50 per inch
if over 48" long

Leaf Width (short dimension)

$6.50 per inch
if over 20" wide




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* For most cards, the Card Security Code is a 3 digit code printed on the
signature strip on the back of the card. The number will be the last
3 digits of the printed number. For American Express, the number  is a
4 digit number on the front of the card above your account number.

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